Becoming a seller on Classyritty Marketplace is quite simple. It is akin to acquiring a selling space in a large multi-tenancy mall, and either paying monthly rent or running your business for free while paying a small percentage from your sales to the landlord or tenancy manager.

The latter is the case on Classyritty Marketplace---you get to run your selling business for free on the marketplace and remit 30% of every sale therefrom.


1. We advertise your products for you. You don't have to advertise your products anywhere unless you really want to do so; but we have got you covered. We advertise our platform extensively across the world, both on land and online. Your products move with our platform: our success is your success and vice versa.

2. For Africans (only Nigeria for now) this is the first-of-its-kind opportunity availed to you to expose your business to the people of American and Europe, especially to Africans living in those regions. In the past, it has been quite far-fetched being able to export your merchandise outside of Africa. Remember that people cannot buy from you unless they are aware that you sell something. Also, the daunting process of exporting goods has been discouraging...until now. We are available to guide our sellers through the process of packaging, paying for, and having their products shipped from Nigeria by NIPOST.


None that we can think of. We are unique for paving a marketplace between Africa and countries overseas, enabling sellers a farther and wider reach than ever before. Presently, there is no other online marketplace in the world doing this.


1. You need to possess a large stock of products to sell, be they consumables, clothing or anything else you think people overseas may need from Africa. This stock has to be large enough to serve your consumers anytime, and the available of your products has to be reliable.

2. When the above is settled, then register on our platform as a regular user. When you are registered, go to your account, then click on "Apply for Marketplace". That's all you need to do. Please, click "just once" even if the button does not change after clicking. Once you have clicked, a request will be sent to us at the backend. Wait for up to 24 hours, go back to your "account" page and you will find that the same button has changed to "My Seller Profile". Click on the "Seller's Profile" button and then begin to upload your products. The rest is smooth and easy.

3. Sellers in Europe and America ought to know that there are quite a number of great products from around the world that you can sell to people anywhere in the world at competitive prices. If they are products you produce yourself, bingo! Everyone wants to buy something good, even in Africa.

Click here for our HOW TO SELL guide.


1. Every seller must note that the first time of everything can be quite challenging, and that we are here to guide and assist them all the way with all they need to have a successful experience on our marketplace. All they need do is email us or use the live chat.

2. We have one of the most competitive commission rates in the world and we are proud of that. We need our sellers to take home substantial profits and be proud of us as partners.



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